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Reason Remoter is a specialist music production website devoted to all Reason users and their use of Remote within Reason.
John the founder of the website is a web developer, accessibility specialist, a recreational mix DJ and great enthusiast of reason music production.
Reason, this music software application, introduced its remote protocol with Reason 3 in 2005. Remote – is Propellerhead’s protocol for communication between hardware and control surfaces and software applications.
The website Reason Remoter is used to bring Reason users and codec developers together and is seen as a place to find custom codecs, remote maps and related resources.
You can take advantage of joining the website for free either to download a codec/map to work with your specific MIDI control surface or to share your own custom written codecs/maps. You can also use the wish page to request for a new remote codec/map to be written.
There is also a downloads page with resources links, tutorials page, controller list, a news page and FAQ page.
This website has no association or affiliation with the company Reason Studios, formally Propellerheads.

For information on Reason developer pages, where people can find out more, please visit

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