Arts Coaching Training

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Arts Coaching Training

A business founded by Lynn Cox which offers inclusion through three main areas they are Arts, Training and Coaching.
Art: Lynn is a professional artist willing to undertake art commissions for both individuals and organisations. She also has created a series of wire sculptures made for an interactive tactile experience. Other items she offers are beautiful hand crafted tactile scented greetings cards, tactile drawing packs and tactile badges. All of her hand crafted cards are drawn using one off beautiful yarns/wools on a variety of different coloured cards. Each has tactile materials on them and all are scented. They come with Braille and Large Print greetings/messages.

Coaching: Established Life and Career Coach specialising in assisting disabled individuals. Also, Action Learning Facilitator for groups.

Training: Equalities, Performance, Description and Touch Trainer.

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Arts Coaching Training
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