VI Talk Swindon arts and crafts event - by Jo Fishwick

VI Talk Swindon arts and crafts event

We decided to step away from the traditional Link Days and to do something more practical. Trustees and volunteers met in Swindon on Friday 22nd for an early start on Saturday. Swindon Blind Society had kindly given us the use of their hall and it was a perfect venue. We arrived at 9am laden with arts and crafts materials. The hall had tables down the middle and we had card making at one end, air dry clay in the middle and bath bomb making at the other end. I’d originally thought that capping numbers at 12 to 16 would work but had then decided to stop at 10 and it proved to be the right decision. I started proceedings by introducig myself, the trustees and volunteers.We then went round the group so attendees could introduce themselves too. Throughout the day Christmas cards were made, wood slices were decorated, air dry clay decorations were made and each person got to make 3 or 4 bath bombs. We had a buffet lunch and a small raffle which raised £31. At the end of the day everyone had lovely things to take away with them. From feedback received, I believe everything made it home in one piece.

Events take so much organising and I want to thank Dawn for finding the venue, organising the buffet and working hard to help people throughout the day. Sam for helping on the day. Volunteers Jodie, Paul and Rob for transport, meeting people at the station, making endless teas and coffees, washing up, helping with the crafts and lots more. Jodie is definitely our bath bomb pro. It’s always a relief when an event is successful and my evenings spent online sourcing materials for the day, time spent browsing the Range, Home Base, B & Q and Home Bargains was time well spent. It’s wonderful to see people being creative, enjoying themselves but also supporting each other to get the most out of the day. Arts and crafts is definitely something we will be revisiting and funding permitting, we’ll be holding more events of this nature in 2020.


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