Hi all, hope that you are keeping well. Again, it has been some time since we have a blog post here, but more are to follow soon. I wanted to write and publish a general post in regard to inviting you to submit your writing for publishing on our blog. Whether you are an established blog writer or are interested in getting into this for the first time; the VI talk blog is the ideal platform for you to promote your writing. As well as having this published on our website, we promote this through our audio boo channel, facebook pages and twitter feed. The reach is very wide and can further publicise your writing. what is the scope for the blog? Well, as long as your writing is VI related then the scope for subjects covered is huge. It can, for instance, be on your own personal experiences of visual impairment, can be a perspective from a friend or a family member or a more generic viewpoint. In addition to personal experiences of visual impairment, articles can cover a wide range of interests such as sports, technologies, crafts, music and much much more. Additionally, like others have done in the past, why not do a series of articles on your experiences of doing a course or a look at some of your daily routines and experiences. There is so much that can be covered. As mentioned, it's also a great platform to promote your own blog if you are an established blog writer. We all have our own perspectives on things but by sharing it's possible to get this out to as wider audience as possible. ?For more info, please email


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