You may well have noticed that the VI talk blog has been very quiet over the last year.  It has, safe to say, been a very busy and hectic 12 months for me personally and that alone could make a series of blog articles.  A lot of this has been related to visual impairment and I may have the confidence to relay some of my experiences through this channel.  However, what is important is that the blog is relaunched again to give you the space to share and reflect upon the things that are important to you.  Yes, I will write many articles on a range of topics and experiences, but I'm very keen to encourage others to submit articles that fully represent your lives, your experiences and your opinions.  Ah yes, the latter may stir up some lively discussion, but as co-ordinator of the blog, I'll be here to ensure that fairness and things go as smoothly as they can.  What I would say is that respect is maintained all round for diverse opinions and experiences. 


Writing is an excellent opening for sharing and illustrating experiences; especially in terms of relaying issues of sight loss and visual impairment.  As well as writing my own personal blog, I have and continue to read a whole selection of blogs which really do a great job in relating individuals day to day experiences.  It demonstrates that writing is a fabulous way of sharing and expressing opinions and is an opening to the world  for individuals to really share their lives.  


I would warmly welcome contributions from any established writers, as well as encouraging any budding bloggers to use this space to share their writing and advertise and promote their own blogs.  If you haven't written a blog article before and don't know where to start, then please get in touch as this may be the opening you've needed to start writing and sharing experiences (contact details at the end).  

As the VI Talk website can be accessed right across the world, the blog is their to be read by potentially millions of people.  By utilising the tagging feature, articles may come up on general internet searches and what you have to say may be the tonic that someone may need to access.  Dramatic?  Not at all; the possibilities to reach out are boundless.   


I've been writing blogs for many years and have really enjoyed the freedom it gives and the sense of being able to express thoughts and my life in words.  I hope that by relaunching this blog, we can share your passion for writing and help to publicise what you have to say more.  


It is our aim to publish content on the blog on a regular basis.  Ideally, it would be good to get some content up on the blog on a weekly basis as it will then help to further generate interest and visitors to the site. 


If you would like to know more and/or write an article or indeed a series of articles for the VI Talk blog then please contact me (Ian) by emailing 


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