Editors note - In The fourth part of her independent living skills series, Amanda talks about the basic bus skills lesson she had and concentrates on orientating around the bus terminal, knowing where to purchase tickets/passes and how to locate and determine the right bus.  Many thanks amanda for this article and for the series so far.  


Basic Bus Skills (independent living skills series lesson 4)


By Amanda Nelson


Today, because of the threat of a tropical depression, my Orientation and Mobility teacher and I decided to do a short lesson on basic bus skills.

Before we even started the lesson, I noticed outside of the bus station was a beautiful flower on a bush; It was really pretty with a wonderful smell. Once that was over, we walked into the bus terminal. My teacher gave me information on the prices of tickets, passes (which I have), and how to purchase them.  Then she gave me a brief orientation to the terminal itself.

We went outside and that’s when the hard work began. We watched as all the buses lined up for the next departure. My teacher explained that even though the columns were labeled, I should always check with the driver to make sure I was getting on the correct bus.

The sidewalk was noisy because of the buses and the crowd of people that gathered around waiting for their rides. It was a little disorienting at first, but I soon got use to the noise.

Once the buses left, my teacher and I walked the sidewalk to see how long it was. All that was left was getting a rider’s guide. We reviewed the guide over brunch.


I’m excited to actually take the bus next time. I am really gaining skills and feeling more confident.



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