By Ian Beverley 


Empowerment and self advocacy are such powerful terms.  Having the confidence to define an opinion, state a view, share an experience and voice a feeling are such liberating opopportunities.  Whether in writing or put across in the spoken word, the openings for doing all of these are increasing every day.  

This blog, for instance, is a outlet where you can discuss and define the issues that are important to you.  Whether you have written before or would like to give blog writing a go for the first time, I gladly open this up to everyone.  


Social media platforms have increased so greatly over the years that discussion and debate are so widespread and available to all.  Yes, it does give encouragement to the so called keyboard warriors who fire off opinions like firecrackers bursting out of a firework box, but used in the right and respectful way, it gives voices to many who would never have the opportunity to take part in such discussions.  


Finally and importantly, radio has always been an important medium in ensuring that voices can be heard.  Some time ago, I alerted you to a brand new show starting on RNIB connect radio called the daily connect.  Presented by Steven Scott who is on this group, it has, for last couple of months, been broadcasting a wide range of discussions, debates, features and articles on issues relevant to Visual impairment.  Jo Fishwick and myself have been on there too; it is a fantastic opportunity to influence the discussions of the day.  If there are subjects, topics and issues that you would like to hear and to discuss then email the team at radio@rnib.org.uk  

Yes, being able to speak or even write out does take confidence, but with the right encouragement and support, there are now so many opportunities to tell your real life story, air an opinion and/or take part in a discussion.  


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